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By on May 23, 2016


Are you sharing YOUR art?

What? You don’t think you are an artist?

Well, of course you are…you just don’t understand that “ART” is WHO you are, WHAT you enjoy, HOW you live your life, WHERE you focus your attention…and much more.

We think that “art” is only reserved for colorful creatives, but every single day of our lives, each and every one of us, is about creating our own “art” for the day.

Only a few souls are actually brave enough to not only live their art, but also share their art though. The rest of humanity will die with their art still buried deep inside themselves and deprive the rest of us their true selves that should have been brimming over with their passions, their talents, their “art” of life.

When we don’t share and give of our own “art” to others, we not only deprive others of the incredible life within us, but we also usually don’t even live the life we were created to live and share.

So sad.

ART is much more than pretty pictures, sculptures, music, dance, or whatever else your mind sees when you think of what “art” actually is to you.

ART is who you are.

ART is your passions, your joys, that thing or those things that grab your focus and hold you for hours…that thing that feeds your very soul.

ART may even be running or powerlifting or playing soccer. We don’t think of sports or recreation as “ART,” but maybe we should.

ART is about taking that thing that moves us deeply and sharing it in some form or another with the rest of the world.

ART is about inspiring each other with the lives that we live each and every day.


One friend on Facebook has a beautiful “feed” filled with his nature walk photos and then his wood furniture carvings based out of his heart that is fed through his nature walks. Stunning and gorgeous.

Another friend on Facebook is a young fellow who is a musician who is following his passion for music. He is quiet in person, but thrives through his art with great passion.

A long-time friend inspires people daily with his lifelong enjoyment and passion for running, and out of his running he then creates beautiful calligraphy art that he shares daily with us.

Another dear person spends hours learning photography, not just for sharing beautiful photographs, but so that he can teach and share and inspire others to learn more of their art form.

None of these wonderful people are wasting their lives. They all are enjoying those things that bring them to life and inspire others as they share them. Most of these people also create income from sharing their art, their passions, and they should!  The hundreds of thousands of hours spent throughout their lifetime learning and honing their skills deserve to be rewarded, yet each one also shares freely and without expectation because they love to create.

But, on the opposite side of this?

How many people, maybe even you, never give in to your own life and create your own art?  

Most people find it easier to give in to the distractions that can overwhelm us for our attention: mindlessly cruising the internet or spending crushing hours on the couch in front of the television or video games.

Nothing created.

Nothing shared.

No life lived fully and passionately.

Just another person sinking deeper into despair about life and not doing anything about it.

I get depressed just thinking about all the people who have no interests in life, no passions, hobbies, creativity, nothing!

I look forward to the posts from people who embrace life and share the art of their lives, but every day I find myself blocking negative, depressing feeds from people who are not even attempting to live their lives.

Yeah, I get that life is hard. I have PLENTY of my own stories that never get shared because I am too busy creating my life to give myself “the luxury of sitting in my own crap” dwelling on those hard things. So don’t whine to me that life is hard…it can be different for you if you don’t give in to that “life is hard” mindset.

Make up your mind today that your life is about your “art.” 

Not sure where to begin?  Take a hike! Literally. Get outdoors. It costs you nothing and clears your head.

Your masterpiece, your life, can be created beginning today. It is all a choice. Your choice. Suck it up and make your art (YOUR LIFE) happen.

Your Life is the Beautiful Adventure…get on with it!


We found Stonehenge!

We found Stonehenge!


About Tambra

Tambra Warner Sabatini is the “Adventurer-in-Chief” of Cross Adventuring, which encompasses her vision for a better approach to our lives and where adventure and whole life mastery merge to transform us individually and within our communities. She believes that we must regain our passion and ability to design personal lives that are truly fulfilling and leave a positive legacy for our children and our world.

Tambra is a devoted entrepreneur with a heart for sharing and leading others outdoors into life-transforming adventures. After a decade-long stint with the Federal Government as a paralegal, she began her entrepreneurial adventures. A series of major life transitions were kept in perspective through expanding her adventuring activities into ultra-endurance events and teaching her love for outdoor recreation with school children and adults through one-on-one coaching and group classes and include cross country skiing, geocaching, kayaking, windsurfing, ultra trail running, backpacking/fastpacking, and the list expands frequently.

She is a prolific Indie Publisher of her own and her client’s books. Check out her Amazon Author Page for her latest releases, including Adventure Foods.

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