Chicks in the Sticks 2017

By on June 25, 2017

Over the river and through the woods to Oil Creek State Park we go…!

For the past several years approximately 80 women make their way from parts far and near to participate in the outdoor presented by the Friends of Oil Creek State Park. The day begins early as the happy and eager ladies arrive geared up and ready for some outdoor education and fun. Each year there are 15-16 classes offered, and the ladies can choose 4 classes: 2 morning and 2 afternoon classes…with a delicious BBQ lunch provided as part of the event. Classes are quite diverse and change up a little bit every year: fly fishing, archery, are a few of the standards, along with favorites such as dutch oven cooking, , and . A full variety of classes also offer crafts, yoga, self-defense, wild herb walks and identification, and much, much more.

For photos and detailed information, click here to go to the Friends of Oil Creek State Park website.


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Tambra Warner Sabatini is the “Adventurer-in-Chief” of Cross Adventuring, which encompasses her vision for a better approach to our lives and where adventure and whole life mastery merge to transform us individually and within our communities. She believes that we must regain our passion and ability to design personal lives that are truly fulfilling and leave a positive legacy for our children and our world.

Tambra is a devoted entrepreneur with a heart for sharing and leading others outdoors into life-transforming adventures. After a decade-long stint with the Federal Government as a paralegal, she began her entrepreneurial adventures. A series of major life transitions were kept in perspective through expanding her adventuring activities into ultra-endurance events and teaching her love for outdoor recreation with school children and adults through one-on-one coaching and group classes and include cross country skiing, geocaching, kayaking, windsurfing, ultra trail running, backpacking/fastpacking, and the list expands frequently.

She is a prolific Indie Publisher of her own and her client’s books. Check out her Amazon Author Page for her latest releases, including Adventure Foods.

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