Grab and Go! What foods should you take on your next adventure?

By on June 27, 2017
Michael J. Henderson

This is the first article in a series on my book, Recipes That Taste Great, Travel Well, and Go Deep to Fuel Your Adventures.

Just a quick question for you…when you decide to head out the door on your way to your next outdoor adventure, what do you grab for food to take with you for the day (or days)?

You are not alone if you responded with the standard items we all tend to grab and go…a store bought granola bar (maybe even from the gas station on your way to the trail head?), candy bars, a bag of nuts, definitely chocolate, possibly some dried fruit…or even how about an orange or an apple, some string cheese, and a bottle of water! Sounds familiar, right? Pretty standard fare for the average adventurer these days. Not a lot of depth nutritionally, but, hey, at least you are getting out there!

But what if you had taken just a little bit of time on some slow and rainy day to pre-prep some truly tasty and deeply nutritious snacks?  What if you had prepped Chia pouches, trail bars and energy balls, gelatin-based treats, and PemmicanPowerFuel…or even, how about your own Crisps and Chips or Rice Patties? I have put together more than 60 make and take / grab and go recipes that will fuel you for deeper energy, more nutrition, and even healing and rejuvenation!

I occasionally participate in ultra-endurance events; I have completed varying distances from 50K and 100K trail races and also distance . One thing I learned early on in my endeavors was that without deep fueling, I would hit a freaking wall that would often result in injuries or even sickness. Most folks approach these activities with a lot of refined carbs and sugary foods, which while sort of okay for the short haul (time-wise and distance), those foods DO NOT make for a good finish with longer and harder endurance events.

While not every quick adventure requires to get you through a couple of hours of mid-level exertion, how about using those mini-adventures as test drives for your higher-exertion adventures? I wrote this book primarily in response to the dramas I continually saw played out over and over again during ultra events. People who had trained well, ran well, had the endurance, but would bonk out once they began going after 100K and 100 mile distances because of their food-fueling choices during their training and on the day of the event. It is all about deep nutrition and not just the surface-level “carb-loading” which we all seem to think will work for us.

In the Adventure Foods book I discuss what foods work best to fuel our bodies for the long haul, and also make just awesomely-nutritious (and delicious) alternatives to the commercially-purchased treats that masquerade as food.

I am in the process of creating some recipe videos and will share the videos and some more articles with those videos here on !

In the meantime, Adventure Foods, is available on Amazon:


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About Tambra

Tambra Warner Sabatini is the “Adventurer-in-Chief” of Cross Adventuring, which encompasses her vision for a better approach to our lives and where adventure and whole life mastery merge to transform us individually and within our communities. She believes that we must regain our passion and ability to design personal lives that are truly fulfilling and leave a positive legacy for our children and our world.

Tambra is a devoted entrepreneur with a heart for sharing and leading others outdoors into life-transforming adventures. After a decade-long stint with the Federal Government as a paralegal, she began her entrepreneurial adventures. A series of major life transitions were kept in perspective through expanding her adventuring activities into ultra-endurance events and teaching her love for outdoor recreation with school children and adults through one-on-one coaching and group classes and include cross country skiing, geocaching, kayaking, windsurfing, ultra trail running, backpacking/fastpacking, and the list expands frequently.

She is a prolific Indie Publisher of her own and her client’s books. Check out her Amazon Author Page for her latest releases, including Adventure Foods.

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