Book to Biz Coaching With Tambra

Have you ever thought about writing your own book and creating an online business around your book?

How about NOW? 

If you and I start between now and September of this year,

YOU could have your own book created, finished, published,

launched and making sales by Thanksgiving!

I have been writing, self-publishing (oodles of books for myself and many others), and creating businesses since 2007.  One thing I have learned along the way is that there really is no limit these days to what you or I can accomplish as an AuthorPreneur or AdventurePreneur! (What is an AuthorPreneur? A very special person who has lots of great life experiences and information to share and wants to turn that information into a book or an information product, monetize it, and create a business from their lives. What is an AdventurePreneur? This angle is really geared to those folks who are out there seeking adventures and looking to monetize their experiences and adventures. This goes way beyond seeking corporate sponsorships for your endeavors and learning how to really put money into pockets.)

The bottom line is that you know really cool stuff! You have put time, and energy, and money, and other resources into your hobby, your passion, and you think that “someday” it could all be turned into some kind of income stream…and besides, you really enjoy sharing what you know! Now is the time, not someday, to really understand just how easy it is to leverage your life skills, knowledge, experiences, and interests. For some of my clients a simple journal is all it has taken to launch their next season of life; another client is already working on Book 7 in his fiction series, while several clients have taken their knowledge and created books that now are providing the basis for full-blown AuthorPreneur and Coaching businesses!

Each AuthorPreneur or AdventurePreneur comes to me with something special in mind. I invite you to message me for a FREE Strategy Session at .

Let’s have a conversation about what all you can actually achieve and accomplish…just through a simple book or information product that can be multiplied and scaled into your very own online business.  Nothing is better than working one-on-one in putting a plan into place under your dreams and then acting and seeing the final results. Each project is fully-customized to you.


Ready to get your Book as a Business off the ground and making money for you in time for the Holiday sales rush? RIGHT NOW really is the time to charge forward…with my easy direction and processes, we will get you there in no time at all!

Produce, Publish, Promote Your Book

Just in time for Holiday Sales

Start NOW, and I will guarantee that we will get your book written, published, and promoted by Thanksgiving in time for Holiday Sales!

$1500 Coaching, Editing, Publishing, and Promotion Package to get you from Start to Finish and producing income from what you know and love best…all in time for Holiday Sales on Amazon!

Don’t have an idea or know exactly what you could do for a book? We will brainstorm and find the exact topic that works best for your life experience and interests and leverage what you already know. I can direct you to material that will provide a solid foundation for your book and begin your Authorpreneur strategy (author entrepreneur).

How will this work for you?

Weekly strategy sessions and accountability, tied in with specific coaching towards writing and creating your book with the big picture in mind of not just publishing, but also promoting for sales and a long-term, mostly-passive income stream. We will dig into your idea, get into action, keep the momentum going until we publish and launch, all while we build up your social media presence and identify your market to maximize sales!

Approximately 3 months from creation to publication depending upon when you begin (the sooner, the better!)

The clock begins to tick the moment you commit to making the end of 2017 more remarkable and memorable than you could ever imagine! Between now (act quickly – the more time, the more we can accomplish) and Sunday, 12 November (week and a half before Thanksgiving) – let’s put your dream into action so you can cash in on Holiday Sales on Amazon that will go into full speed the week of Thanksgiving. Work faster, we can even publish and promote sooner, but NOW is your year to kickstart your Authorpreneur status into high gear and end 2017 with sales that set you up for an awesomely amazing 2018!

Questions? Of course you have questions!

Message me ( for your FREE Strategy Session and let’s go from there!

Talk with you soon (very soon)!

Here’s to Holiday $ales!